Intersat Africa was founded in April 2001 by Abdul Bakhrani and HanifKassam with a capital of $1,500. Their mission was to satisfy the demand of data via satellite as Internet delivery from the only licensed Internet supplier in Kenya – Telkom Kenya Limited – was highly priced and of poor quality.

In November 2004, Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) deregulated the Kenyan telecommunication industry and Kenya Data Networks (KDN) was issued with an International Gateway license. In December 2004, Intersat partnered with KDN to install Kenya's first private Internet gateway earth station at Parkside Towers with a 2Mb duplex link – price goes down to $3,500 per Mb. Intersat and KDN delivered quality Internet for the first time in Kenya and the service became extremely popular and demand exceeded supply, which necessitated Intersat to sign up for ALL capacity over Africa on all Newskies satellites. Around the same time, Intersat acquired customers in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, who are still our customers to date.

In the next years, the following milestones for Intersat Africa were achieved:

  1. In early 2005, Intersat invested in its own VoIP platform hosted in Toronto, Canada.
  2. In August 2005, Intersat installed the first SatPathSkySwitch Dual Star + Mesh hub simultaneously in London and in Nairobi to offer national VSAT connectivity for enterprises.
  3. In 2006 more earth stations were installed at Parkside Towers to accommodate the growing demand for Internet services in Kenya.
  4. Intersat expanded business services to more African countries offering value added services through appointed resellers and direct customers. Technical support, logistics and installation support was being offered centrally from Intersat Nairobi office.
  5. In June 2007, Intersat moved to its current state-of-the-art offices in Prosperity House, Westlands Road, Nairobi.
  6. Intersat gets business from the UN agencies and from NGOs requiring Internet connectivity in remote areas.
  7. In 2007 total capacity delivered by Intersat exceeded 200Mb and price was down to $3,000 per Mb.
  8. Intersat launches its SkyDSL, SkyNet and SkyStar broadband services on the iDirect platform on Newskies NSS-7 satellite.
  9. In March 2008, Intersat installed an iDirect hub and a 7.3Metre earth station in Nairobi to offer regional VSAT services and connectivity for the Post Office network in Kenya.
  10. In December 2008, Intersat initiated the solar powered Rural Internet Kiosk project that would empower thousand of Africans in rural areas with ICT infrastructure.

In January 2008, Abdul relocated to Dubai, UAE to set up the Middle East offices for expansion in that region. Intersat offices were established at the prestigious Dubai Silicon Oasis in March 2008. In the same year, the following milestones were achieved:

  1. March 2008 – Intersat exhibited at CabSat 2008 in Dubai as the only Kenyan company.
  2. June 2008 – Intersat signed up for 2 transponders of DVB S2 capacity with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) at the CommunicAsia expo in Singapore.
  3. August 2008 – Intersat established a relationship with Etisalat in Dubai and co-locates at its state-of-the-art Data Centre in Hor-Al-Anz, Dubai.
  4. October 2008 – Intersat exhibited at GITEX 2008 in Dubai as the only Kenyan company and launched DataVault, Middle East’s first Online Data Backup Service based on the ASIGRA technology.
  5. December 2008 – Intersat (in a joint bid with KDN &Lantech) won a $12 Million World Bank funded contract to connect all higher education establishments in Kenya.
  6. January 2009 – Intersat signed up 3 more transponders with ABS.
  7. March 2009 – Intersat exhibited at CabSat 2009 in Dubai as the only Kenyan company.
  8. March 2009 – Intersat signed a US$75 Million deal with O3b Networks for their “fibre-in-the-sky” satellite service to be launched in Q4 2010.
  9. May 2009 – Intersat commissioned infrastructure at Telehouse Europe in London to deliver IP transit to stakeholders in the SEACOM submarine fibre. Intersat has a customer that’s currently contracted for 1Gb Internet bandwidth transit with Level 3 Communications.
  10. June 2009 – Intersat signed up for a Ku-Band transponder on the newly launched Telstar T11N satellite to deliver broadband services to West Africa.
  11. July 2009 – Intersat showed off its Rural Internet Kiosk (RIK) at the CCK Expo in Nairobi and the kiosk becomes the STAR of the show! A documentary of RIK can be viewed here.
  12. August 2009 – Intersat signs up for almost 4 transponders on the NSS-12 satellite.
  13. September 2009 – Intersat signed up a major deal with Astra Broadband Services to launch the ASTRA2Connect consumer broadband service in East & Central Africa on the NSS-12 satellite.
  14. October 2009 – Intersat was recognised as a Kenya Top 100 Mid-Sized company and awarded position 38 after a very competitive selection process.
  15. October 2009 – Intersat signed up with Newtec to launch Sat3Play consumer broadband services in West Africa on T11N satellite.
  16. October 2009 – Intersat exhibits at GITEX 2009 in Dubai as the only Kenyan company.
  17. November 2009 – Intersat exhibited at Africa Com in Cape Town as the only Kenyan company.
  18. November 2009 – Intersat awards Newtec an order to implement the award winning Flex ACM service on T11N satellite.
  19. In November 2009 – Intersat signs up as first service partner with Yahsat of Abu Dhabi.
  20. In November 2009 – Intersat partners once again with Astra to deliver ASTRA2Connect to the Middle East region on the soon to be launched Astra 3B satellite.
  21. In January 2010 – Intersat launches “get2net”, Africa’s First Unlimited Internet via Satellite Broadband service for consumers and small rural businesses.
  22. In March 2010 – Abdul Bakhrani is honored as Africa's Satellite Personality of the Year, at the prestigious SatCom Star Awards in Johannesburg, for his commitment to advance and expand Satellite Internet access across Africa.
  23. In June 2011, at the SatCom Star Awrads in Johannesburg, the award for "Most Innovative Application of Satellite Technology" goes to Intersat Africa for the SPARC initiative.

Intersat has presence at teleports in Woodbine-USA, Washington-USA, Chalfont-England, Bedford England, Munich-Germany and Hong Kong.

Intersat Africa is looking into the future with great optimism for success, what with the strength of its debt free position, its people, its customers, visionary leadership and the great opportunities of the partnerships secured.